draft cover for The Bone Dragon

Draft cover design: comments welcome!

The draft cover design for The Bone Dragon is now in!

The final version will be a bit different, but I’d love to hear what you think and hopefully pass some comments along to Faber to help us decide on the official cover.


  1. Maybe its just my phone, but I can’t see any cover images. 😦 I’ll check online properly later.

    1. Ah, didn’t think of that! It’s probably because I set the cover design as the featured image for the post. I’ll be changing the page soon anyway to centre around the cover art, but good to know to look out for that as a potential issue when posting specifically about an image as opposed to just with one! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Ok, seen it on the big computer… Just my phone being weird.


    I assume the draft is a stock image composite… You can sort of tell that unrelated images of a bottle and a dragon have been shopped together.

    I think the broad idea is fine, but in execution, I’d hope to see the dragon larger, taking up more of the pot. Could give him a little more character too. Also the bottle looks like a sealed medical bottle containing a sterile liquid. I assume its meant to be empty other than the dragon, and I imagined it to look more like a general plastic storage pot.

    Overall: nice concept. Hoping my comments on the execution really come down to it being a concept-draft, not a custom-made final image.

    1. Thanks for the input! Really glad you like the concept – I love it, particularly in terms of where it positions the book market-wise. The hope is that is will appeal to both the YA and adult markets, and I think this cover is very much in line with those hopes as the design is not specifically aimed at the YA market or the adult one. It also points up the fact that the book is a psychological thriller as opposed to a fantasy novel, so I think readers won’t be misled as they might have been with some of the other options on the table. I’m really excited to see the final version… and to see it up on Amazon as the book page (just up!) looks a little sparse without any artwork.

    1. The dragon is meant to be carved out of a rib bone – a bone sculpture as it were (though a small one of course) rather than it being an image carved onto a piece of bone like a design. One of the changes that will be made before the cover is finalised is to make the dragon conform a little more closely to the ‘anatony’ of a human rib. The current dragon is gorgeous but you could only carve something this wiggly from a large animal bone (like a cow thigh), so we’re all in agreement that it’s a pretty visual but doesn’t drive the concept. So look out for a new dragon…

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