The Bone Dragon gets full review in the Guardian!

Many, many updates to the blog coming soon but just because I can’t bear to wait…


Such a wonderful review from Linda Buckley-Archer.

And coming on the heels of the terrific, thoughtful review by the lovely CJ Busby: http://awfullybigreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/the-bone-dragon-by-alexia-casale.html

So energised to write now. Can’t wait for tomorrow when I get to dive into Chapter 2 on Book 3!

Want to know more? I’ll be at Bookstock tonight (http://www.northlondonreadinggroup.co.uk/bookstock.php) – a few tickets left if you’re interested.

photo of a copies of The Bone Dragon

The Bone Dragon has landed…

My book is here! Publication date is still 2 May, but the copies are now in the office. (cue much squee-ing)

photo of a copies of The Bone Dragon

It’s so pretty! Thank you, All The Lovely People At Faber, for my beautiful book!

ARCs (Advance Review Copies) will be going out soon. These will be copies of the finished book (i.e. the version above). My first copy should arrive on Wednesday. I will probably cry.

Though I shall try not to cry on the book.

I will definitely be cuddling it. (My own, my preciousssssssis.)

My cat will be very jealous, but there we go. On the plus side, he likes books: he enjoys chewing lazily at the edges, but mostly he enjoys lying on his back (on my tummy) with a book open on his tummy. Yes, he is spectacularly cute. And very tolerant. When he’s not being A Wild and Ferocious Beast. Then he’s not cute or tolerant.

There’s cats for you.

If you’re looking closely you will have spotted that this is a unusual size paperback with a dustjacket. If you get a copy (please, please read my book!), remember to look under the cover at the gorgeous ‘inside boards’ (i.e. the design printed on to the binding of the book).

Altogether it’s a fairly unusual format for a book, but this fits the fact that it’s a pretty unusual sort of story. It starts with a rib bone in a pot. A human rib bone belonging to someone still alive. It ends up with a Dragon.

Preorder from Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones or your local bookshop.

Raindrops on roses

My favourite things: TBD has a new cover…

… Only it’s still a secret. Sorry about that. I know it was a little sneaky.

But I’m so excited about the cover I just have to write something about it, even though it is going to be very vague.

I’m not sure when the reveal will be but probably around Christmas/New Year. The wait will be well worth it. The cover is absolutely stunning. THE perfect cover. I opened the file and the design just clicked. “Ah!” I thought. “So this is what the book is supposed to look like!”

So what can I say about the new cover? Well, it’s clever, fun and full of secrets.

And completely different to the ‘old’ cover. Which I did really like too. The concept was something I’d thought from the start that Faber might pick and I loved the fact that it was a good ‘cross-over’ concept in that it didn’t appeal specifically to the YA market. But, for me, it was a bit weird to see the bone carving in such detail and so prominent. I quite like the idea of the reader being left to imagine that for him/herself.

The new cover… Well, it’s not that it doesn’t feature the ‘bone dragon’ of the title but it’s not that it exactly does either… Very helpful, I know. (Well, I never said I didn’t enjoy being a tease. :P)

In other news… Advance Review Copies (ARCs), as I now know they’re called, will be printed soon, so the proofs are nearly complete. No update on where we’re going with the breaking words over the line/text justification issue yet, but it is something we’re working on. Or rather my wonderful Project Editor is working on it. It was a very liberal use of the word ‘we’, there. But then I am being sneaky here… Might as well go the whole hog and be sneaky AND plural while I’m about it.

tips for developing a successful proposal for a new stage musical

‘Reporting to the Angels:  how to get a ‘yes’ from theatre producers’ now up on my main blog at http://alexiacasale.wordpress.com. Sequel post coming soon.

My next post here at The Bone Dragon will be ‘How long is a novel?’

Is there a particular topic or question you’re interested in reading about? All ideas (and requests!) more than welcome. Just send a comment and I’ll see what I can do.