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Authors Aloud UK specialise in managing school and library visits, and handle all bookings and enquiries. Find out more about the types of school and library events Alexia offers here, or contact the team at

For charity events, you can contact Alexia by leaving a comment below. All comments are cached for approval: those about events will be removed from the cache without appearing on the site.

  • Previous workshops include ‘How to develop your writing voice’, ‘How to write a first-class essay’, and ‘Building a story around the theme of justice’.
  • Previous lectures have covered ‘Suspense and foreshadowing in psychological thrillers’, ‘Research for historical fiction’ and ‘Stereotypes and archetypes as starting points for creating characters’.
  • Previous Q&A sessions have focused on ‘Tips for careers in the Arts’ and ‘How to get published’. Previous talks have included ‘Reading, writing and dyslexia’, ‘Exploring human rights issues through fiction’ and ‘Darkness in YA fiction’.
  • Sessions for younger pupils have covered ‘Dragons in fiction’ and ‘Should books have happy endings?’
  • Alexia also does sessions with teaching staff on improving both academic- and creative-writing skills, as well as how to design effective self- and peer-assessment activities.

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