This enchantment of ice and crystal

frosted rose

In honour of last week’s Dragon-worthy frost, some photos that made me think of a particular scene from the book.

frosted fens

… the grass is so thickly frosted, every blade sharp-coated with ice…

frosted acer

The skeleton of the tree glows in the frozen night air as if displaying its soul to the heavens.

frosted acer leaves

The acer is a marvel of white over red.

frosted flowers

… diamond-flashes catch off the newly strange plants in the beds …

frosted seed pods

Now everything is shaded in grey and silver and white.

frosted ivy

Everything solid has turned to crystal.


Return to the fens

lowering skies through the trees

I know it will be one of those cold, clear nights. Crystalline.


foxglove frosted

Beneath, a plant with wide, awkward leaves – probably a weed – looks like folds of lace over silk.


budleia in the snow

…hinting only faintly of mauve beneath the silver and white where, earlier today, they were imperial purple: a wine-dark colour thick and heavy enough to drown in.


winter trees

The bare tree branches spike upwards like long black thorns. The clouds rip and tear themselves ragged as they force themselves on: rank upon rank of tattered monsters hunting each other across the sky.

Setting: the Cambridge fens

snowy path

as the light fails

The Cambridge fenlands are treacherous and beautiful…

trees growing out of the water

growing out of the water

Magical and dangerous in equal parts, especially in winter.

frozen pond in the snow


The boundaries between land and water dissolve.

stream with snowy banks

where land and water meet

Even in the snow and frost, the fens are alive with colour.


Frosty leaves

folds of lace over silk

This is the world that Evie ventures out into at night.
splitered frozen pond

treacherous ground